Fitness DVDs

Fitness DVDs

Fitness DVDs are the most convenient way to workout!

There are literally thousands of Fitness DVDs to choose from.   The types of workouts available on DVD are endless.  You can choose from straight cardio, to weight training, to dance workouts.  There is truly something for everyone.

The really great thing about home workout videos are that it is extremely easy to keep a variety in your workout routines using these resources.  You can have numerous trainers and numerous routines all at your fingertips.   Mix them and match them, the choice is yours.

Workout DVDs are no longer like the traditional Richard Simmons 1 DVD 1 workout plan!   The norm now is receiving a whole program under one DVD title.   Most programs today come with anywhere between 5 to 12 DVDs and each DVD will have at least 3 different workout programs.   

Add to that the workout DVDs that the trainer provides along with a meal plan, and you have your total program written out day by day for normally about 90 days.   (That seems to be the average time frame trainers are giving for their programs lately.)    With the new trend being 5 to 12 DVDs per package with each having at least three programs, you are guaranteed to have variety even with your first workout program purchase.

I personally use numerous Fitness DVDs.   Since the workout DVDs have improved so much in the amount of product you actually receive, you should start off following the program straight through.   As I said, most are scheduled for about 90 days.   Once you have finished the program you choose, don't just shelf it, combine it with another workout DVD program.

For example:   My husband and I purchased P90X and followed the program for 90 days!   LOVED IT.

Then I purchased Turbo Jam and followed that scheduled program.   Turbo Jam is not as extreme so it was shorter than 90 days.  

Towards the end of the Turbo Jam program, hubby was missing the weight training that P90X offers.   However, I did not want to go back straight to P90X.   Instead, I mixed the two programs.   We did 4 days of P90X and 2 Turbo Jam.   It gave more variety to the programs since we had already been through them once.  It also gave us something different so that we wouldn't get burned out going back through the same schedule again.

AND...added benefit!!!   It caused major muscle confusion to our workouts, which caused extreme results!

It is great to combine programs that offer different workouts.   For example:   Turbo Fire, one of my favorites!!!

This program is EXTREME cardio, which I love!   However, since I am a huge advocate of weight training I felt I was missing that part of my workout routine.   I wanted to keep Turbo Fire, so I then just added another program that was aimed at weight training.   I chose ChaLean Extreme because I had completed the program before and knew it would be a perfect mix in with Turbo Fire.   Therefore, I worked out a program of 4 days of Turbo Fire and 2 days of ChaLean Extreme.

ChaLean Extreme is the perfect weight training Fitness DVD program!

This system also works great with all the different DVDs available on Ab Workouts.   No more boring day after day crunches.   The resources for all the different workouts for your abs alone is endless.

Another great reason to workout videos to your workout plan is variety in trainers.   You have many to choose from and you don't have to pay them when you try another.   Just put one on the shelf while you try another and come back when you want to revisit!

Fitness DVDs are much cheaper than personal trainers for sure!   The prices will range from the amount of content per package.   You get what you pay for, and I have not been disappointed yet with any of the programs.

Home workout videos do not have to be your only resource.   They are just a great and convenient part of a great variety filled program.   They travel with you if needed and even if you are a person who enjoys a gym workout, they will be available on the days you can't make it to the gym.

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